Padded Camping Chairs

Timber Ridge Oversized Directors Camp Chairs with Foldable Side Table 600lbs Capacity

Guide Gear Tan Brown Oversized Folding Padded Lawn Camping Chair 500lbs Capacity

SunnyFeel Extra Wide Oversized Heavy Duty Heated Folding Camping Chair With 500 LBS Capicty

Coastrail Outdoor XXL Padded Director Camping Lawn Chair with Side Table 600lbs Capacity

VILLEY Portable Padded Folding Outdoor Camping Lawn Chairs Capacity 300lbs

Timber Ridge XXL Heavy Duty Folding Directors Camping Chair with Side Table 600lbs Capacity

Coastrail Outdoor Heavy Duty Lawn Camping Folding Chair Padded Lumbar 400lbs Capacity

VOYSIGN Oversized Portable Folding Padded Camping Lawn Chairs Capacity 475lbs

Mouthen Heavy Duty Padded Lawn Camping Chair with Lumbar Back Support And 450lbs Capacity

Coastrail Outdoor Zero Gravity Patio Lawn Camping Reclining Chair with Sun Shade And Side Table Support 400lbs

Coastrail Outdoor Zero Gravity Patio Lawn Camping Reclining Chair with Sun Shade And Side Table Support 400lbs

Camabel Heavy Duty Outdoor Folding Padded Lawn Camping Chairs Capacity 400lbs

Alpha Camp Oversized Padded Moon Round Recliner Folding Camping Chairs 350lbs Capacity

EVER ADVANCED Padded Quad High Back Folding Camp Chair with Capacity 300 lbs

Ozark Trail XXL Folding Padded Director Camping Chair with Side Table With 600lbs Capacity

Arrowhead Outdoor Portable Folding Padded Camping Quad Chair With 330lbs Capacity

MacSports Heated Cushion Folding Patio Lawn Camping Chair 375 lbs Limit

SunnyFeel XXL Oversized Heavy Duty Folding Lawn Camping Chair Capacity 500lbs

Coastrail Outdoor Padded Heavy Duty Lawn Camping Chair with Lumbar Back 400lbs Capacity

Coastrail Outdoor High Back Heavy Duty Padded Folding Lawn Camping Chair 350lbs Capacity

Fair Wind Oversized Heavy Duty Padded Lawn Camping Chair Lumbar Support 450lbs Capacity

Alpha Camp Heavy Duty Oversized Padded Folding Camping Folding Chair 450lbs Capacity

Kings Trek Heated Heavy Duty Folding Camping Chair with Battery Pack & Removable Cushion

MacSports Blue Padded Folding Lounge Patio Lawn Camping Moon Chair With 375lbs Capacity

KingCamp Heavy Duty Lumbar Back Support Folding Padded Camping Chair 350lbs Capacity

Arrowhead Heavy-Duty Outdoor Portable Folding Camping Quad Chair With 450lbs Capacity

Mouthen Oversized Folding Heavy Duty Padded Camping Chair With 450 Lbs Capacity

Docusvect Heated Folding Heavy Duty Camping Chair 300 lbs Limit

Padded Lawn Camping Chairs For Those Long Days

When you have been sitting in the same chair all day at a little league double header and it is going into overtime that is when you will not regret having those padded camping chairs.  A little extra padding can go a long way after a while.  Now you add a little lumbar support padding to the mix and you have all day comfort you can count on.

These foldable padded camping chairs are light enough you can take them anywhere.  Most chairs we offer are quad chairs which means they will fold up on all 4 sides compressing down to no more than 8 inches around and about 2 to 3 feet tall.  This compact size means they  take up virtually no room to store. Also, included with our quad chairs are carrying cases with shoulder strap. The solder strap makes them even easier to haul from place to place.

3 Things To Look At With Padding Camping Chairs

  • Where Is The Padding
    You know your body better than anyone, so where would you like the padding?  Not all chairs are created equally.  Almost all padded camping chairs will have padding in the seat, but if you prefer to also have padding for your back or your arms you will want to double check that your chair offers padded arm rests which can be rare in folding chairs.  Just double check that your chair has the padding where you need it.

  • Does It Offer Lumbar Support

    If you know that you will be spending some long days in the chair watching the sunset in your back yard, or watching your kids or grand kids sporting events you might want to check that your chair offers back support.  This might seem like a little thing but can make a big difference in your overall comfort.

  • Can You Handle The Weight
    Having an extremely padded a comfortable seat sounds nice but the more heavy duty and thicker padding your chair has the heavier that chair will be.  So double check the overall weight of the chair to see if added that extra padding will be a deal breaker as a normal folding camping chair will weight anywhere from 10 to 15 lbs. but a padded camping chair could weigh as much as 25 lbs.