Mickey Mouse Kids Foldable Camp Chair with Carry Bag

Mickey Mouse Kids Foldable Camp Chair with Carry Bag

What child isn’t obsessed with having a chair their own size.  This Mickey Mouse camping chair is perfect for your little guy or gal.  With its patented locking mechanism for safety you don’t have to worry about it folding up on your child when you wouldn’t want it to.

This chair comes with its own carry case that has a shoulder strap so your child can haul it wherever they go.  This light but sturdy chair will be your child’s favorite chair in the house.

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Mickey Mouse Kids Foldable Camp Chair with Carry Bag

  • Made Especially For Kids
    This chair is light weight and folds up easily to make it easy to carry for even the smallest of children.

  • Patented Safety Lock
    With a secure locking mechanism that clicks into place you don’t have to worry about the chair folding up.  When you are ready to collapse the chair simply push in the button to release the lock.

  • Fun Disney Characters
    This chair comes with Mickey Mouse and his pal Pluto  to set it apart and make it something your child will love.

Reviewed: 8/22/2022: southerngal9289  – Tricky Lock

My son loves this chair! However, be forewarned that the locking mechanism is very strong. I understand the safety feature is so that the child doesn’t pinch their fingers by accidentally folding it up, however I think they went a bit overboard because both my husband and I struggle to unlock it so we can put it away. I guess that’s better than it not staying locked but it just seems like this feature could be better designed.


Reviewed: 10/05/2022: Denise Wolsieffer – Super Cute!

I ordered a set of these for my twin grandson’s who are 14 months old. They love having a chair that is just the right height and size for them. They fold up easily so they are super convenient to take to the beach, etc.


Reviewed: 9/15/2022: Cjslim – Adorable chair.

My 11 month old great granddaughter looks So cute sitting in this chair with her zippy cup in the cup holder.
The chair is sturdy, easy to store, but a bit difficult to release the lock; maybe that’s a good thing.