Kids Camping And Beach Chair With Umbrella Toddler Ages 2 to 5

Kids Camping And Beach Chair With Umbrella Toddler Ages 2 to 5

This all-season kids/toddlers umbrella camping chair comes with a matching shoulder bag so your child can take it everywhere they go. The umbrella is removable and can be used separate from the chair if needed. However, the umbrella attaches securely to the chair in order to create the perfect sunshade.

At 30% off this chair is a steal so don’t wait another minute to make a day at the beach or the mountains just a little more pleasant for your little one.

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Kids Camping And Beach Chair With Umbrella Toddler Ages 2 to 5

  • Perfect For Small Children
    This chair is the perfect size for your toddle at Approximate 11 inch seat height and its heavy duty construction. Your child can safely get in and out of the chair with out the risk of the chair falling over or folding up thanks to the safety lock keeps chair from closing inadvertently.


  • Detachable Sunshade Umbrella
    Use the umbrella for shade or detach it to use it for rainy weather. This chair has a built it holder that then attaches to the umbrella for a secure hold.


  • Light And Easy To Carry
    At just 3 lbs this chair is able to be carried by your child wherever they go.  It also comes with a matching shoulder bag for easy storage and a shoulder strap to make it even easier to transport.

Reviewed: 3/18/2021: Anne Lowsky  – Except for the umbrella this is a great chair!

This seems like a well built little chair. Bought two for my toddlers to use at the beach. Haven’t tried it there yet but they like sitting in them at home. The chair material seems good quality and I think it will hold up well. The only negative I see is that the umbrella feature isn’t great. It’s small so it won’t provide much shade, it won’t stand straight, the material for the umbrella isn’t as good quality as the chair so I don’t see it lasting the life of the chair, and the installation method is pretty flimsy so I’m sure it will just blow away easily in any sort of breeze (you simply slide the pole into a stretchy slot on the back of the chair to install). However, I didn’t buy the chair for its umbrella so that part doesn’t bother me at all. Another thing, this chair is probably best for kids 6 and under. I don’t see an older child fitting as comfortably (depending on their size). I’ve included a picture of my 4 year old sitting in it. He’s above average height so he definitely will only get maybe a couple years use from this but my younger ones will use these for awhile. Overall I’m very happy with this purchase and for $20 you can’t beat these chairs! Would definitely recommend.


Reviewed: 4/05/2022: keith phillips – Awesome product

Purchased two of these chairs for my two girls Beach trip. A two and four year old both love the chairs so much they want them set up in the house At all times. Easy to use. Light weight and well built


Reviewed: 9/06/2018: Sammy – Adorable Chair

I purchased this for my son’s first trip to the beach. At 14m/o he is obsessed with chairs that are his size. It functions the same as an adult folding chair would. It is lightweight, which matters to me because my son likes dragging it around to different spots in the yard. We have never used the umbrella so I can’t comment on its functionality.