Rotinyard Heavy Duty Folding Portable Beach Camping Chair with Canopy Shade Support 330 lbs

Rotinyard Heavy Duty Folding Portable Beach Camping Chair with Canopy Shade Support 330 lbs

Brand: Rotinyard
Color: Blue With Canopy
Product Dimensions: 28.7″D x 22″W x 50″H
Item Weight: 9.7 Lbs
Maximum Weight Recommendation: 330 Pounds
Frame Material: Alloy Steel
Seat Material Type: 600D Oxford fabric

The Rotinyard Camping Chair with Canopy is the ultimate outdoor accessory, offering a harmonious blend of relaxation, convenience, and sun protection. No matter where your outdoor escapades take you, this camping chair ensures you can sit back, unwind, and stay protected from the elements. Take the opportunity to take your outdoor relaxation to the next level. Grab your Rotinyard Camping Chair today and experience outdoor comfort like never before.

Elevate your outdoor relaxation with the Rotinyard Camping Chair with Canopy – your ticket to unparalleled comfort and shade in the great outdoors. Whether you’re embarking on a camping trip, fishing by the lake, or simply enjoying a sunny day at the beach, this innovative camping chair with a canopy is designed to redefine your outdoor experience.

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Rotinyard Heavy Duty Folding Portable Beach Camping Chair with Canopy Shade Support 330 lbs

Sun Protection Canopy: Say goodbye to scorching sun rays and hello to cool, shaded comfort. The Rotinyard Camping Chair features an adjustable canopy that shields you from the sun’s intense heat. Whether catching rays or reading your favorite book, this built-in canopy lets you enjoy the outdoors without worrying about harmful UV exposure.

Ergonomic Design: Enjoy hours of uninterrupted relaxation thanks to the ergonomic design of this camping chair. The padded seat and backrest offer superior comfort and support, while the armrests provide the perfect place to rest your arms. It’s the ideal spot for unwinding after a long hike or toasting marshmallows by the campfire.

Sturdy Build: Built to last, the Rotinyard Camping Chair is constructed with a robust frame and durable fabric that can support up to 250 pounds. It’s engineered for stability, ensuring you can confidently sit back and enjoy your outdoor adventures.

Foldable and Portable: Whether you’re on the move or setting up camp, this chair’s foldable design makes transport and storage a breeze. The included carrying bag and compact size mean you can take it wherever your outdoor adventures lead.

Cup Holder: Stay refreshed and hydrated with the integrated cup holder. Keep your favorite beverages close at hand so you can sip your drink without getting up.

Versatile Outdoor Companion: Perfect for camping, picnicking, beach trips, and more, this chair with canopy is versatile and adaptable to various outdoor activities. Enjoy the luxury of shade and comfort while embracing the beauty of nature.


Reviewed: 3/25/2023: Shaba Shams – Relax in Style with the Rotinyard Folding Beach Chair – Your Perfect Companion for Sunny Days!

As someone who enjoys spending time at the beach, I was excited to try out the Rotinyard Folding Camping Chair with Canopy Shade. And I have to say, I was not disappointed!

First of all, the chair itself is very sturdy and can support up to 330 lbs. The cup holder is also a nice touch, allowing me to keep my drink within arm’s reach while I relax.

But the real star of the show is the canopy shade. As someone who is outdoor in the sun a LOT, the sun can be pretty intense, so having a little bit of extra shade can make all the difference. The canopy is adjustable, so I can angle it to block the sun no matter where it’s coming from. Plus, it’s easy to set up and take down, so I don’t have to struggle with it too much.

Overall, I would definitely recommend the Rotinyard Folding Camping Chair with Canopy Shade for anyone who loves spending time outdoors. Whether you’re at the beach, fishing, having a picnic, or just relaxing in your own backyard, this chair is comfortable, practical, and stylish.


Reviewed: 9/1/2023: Martha Hund – Great sun protection

This chair is comfortable, easy to set up and take down, and has a convenient sun shade built in.


Reviewed: 9/17/2023: Sherritenn – Surprisingly flimsy for price

I needed a chair with a cover for kids baseball. This was the perfect color and a great concept. However it is very cheaply made. The carrying back was already completely ripped at the seam. I am 145lbs, it holds me comfortably but I do not consider it sturdy at all. The pole mechanism for the canopy is such thin hollow tubing that it already has a link just from opening it one time. Great concepts but very cheap materials. If it was $30 it would be pverlookable- but not for over $50.