Koksry Stainless Steel Compact Lightweight Backpacking Camping Stool Supports 275 lbs

Koksry Stainless Steel Compact Lightweight Backpacking Camping Stool Supports 275 lbs

Color: Black
Product Dimensions: 12.2″D x 12.2″W x 13.8″H
Item Weight: 1.32 lbs
Maximum Weight Recommendation: 275 Pounds
Frame Material: Stainless Steel
Seat Material Type: Fabric

The Koksry Stainless Steel Compact Lightweight Backpacking Camping Stool is a pinnacle of innovation in outdoor seating, seamlessly combining rugged durability with compact design. Crafted to cater to the needs of backpackers, campers, and adventurers, this camping stool is a reliable and versatile companion for any journey into the great outdoors.

Designed with a focus on durability, the Koksry camping stool is constructed from high-grade stainless steel, ensuring it can withstand the demands of various terrains and weather conditions. Its robust frame provides exceptional stability, granting you a secure and comfortable seating experience even on uneven surfaces.

Despite its rock-solid construction, the Koksry camping stool doesn’t compromise on portability. Engineered with lightweight materials and a compact folding mechanism, it effortlessly collapses into a minimal form that easily slips into your backpack. This thoughtful design feature makes it an ideal choice for those who seek both comfort and efficiency during their outdoor escapades.

Comfort is a top priority in the Koksry camping stool’s design. The seat is meticulously designed to offer ample space for relaxation while maintaining an ergonomic contour that promotes proper posture. The stainless steel frame is strategically shaped to provide a comfortable sitting experience, minimizing strain on your back even during extended periods of use.

Setting up the Koksry camping stool is a breeze, thanks to its intuitive folding mechanism. Whether you’re taking a moment to rest on a trail, enjoying a meal in the wilderness, or simply soaking in the surroundings, this stool can be effortlessly unfolded to offer a stable and comfortable seat. Its height is carefully calibrated to strike the perfect balance between ease of use and optimal seating posture.

The Koksry Stainless Steel Compact Lightweight Backpacking Camping Stool is a versatile outdoor essential that can enhance your overall experience in nature. Whether you’re gathered around a campfire, observing wildlife, or sharing stories with fellow adventurers, this camping stool provides a reliable and comfortable place to sit. Its blend of stainless steel durability, compact portability, and ergonomic design makes it an indispensable accessory for anyone who embraces the beauty of the outdoors.

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Koksry Stainless Steel Compact Lightweight Backpacking Camping Stool Supports 275 lbs

    This is a multipurpose camping seat. Imagine: when you have to stand in line for any length of time. Or the demands of work that always requires your body to stay low. Or want to take a break when you’re on a hike. Or fishing, garden work, and more. You all need a stool sitting. This portable seat does just that.

    The foldable stool legs are designed to expand and contract only when subjected to force in the vertical direction, which is different from the traditional pop-up stool. It does not fold automatically and saves storage space on the premise of a guaranteed seat height.

    The lightweight portable stool Fold Size: 2.6″(L)*2.6″(W)*12.6″(H). Net Weight 1.32lb. It’s convenient to carry with you, just like a small folding sun umbrella. Put it in the backpack side pocket or other small places.

    The portable camping stool Unfold size: 12.2″(L)*12.2″(W)*13.8″(H). The height of 13.8 inches can meet the needs of most people for temporary seats of different heights. It is undeniable that children will also want to get it for this cool retractable function.

    This folding stool is made of 1800D double Oxford cloth and high-quality stainless steel pipe. Comfortable and sturdy, max weight supports 275 lbs.

Reviewed: 13/13/2022: W. Reven – Fairly light and comfortable but know your limits.

Main reason I purchased this was for quick hikes down my local trail when I want something quick and easy to setup! It does not disappoint for quickness to deploy, 10 seconds tops.

The weight is decent, the metal used for the legs is fairly thick, the seat cushion feels heavy duty too. I weigh 155 and am 5’10” so the height is perfect and as stated. It does not feel wobbly and I have had no problems with the telescopic legs feeling like they would collapse when sitting on it. I love how portable this is and how secure it feels when setup as well as the speed of setting it up!!!

My gripes are with the telescopic legs, while I love this feature they are very finicky to fold back in! And the mesh bag it comes in is cheap, mine frayed and ripped on the first outing. It did however feel like it would collapse in when my friend, who weighs 200 lbs even, sat upon it so I think anyone over 175 should know the limits of this item. Other than that I really like this stool!! Hope this detailed review helps some people out.


Reviewed: 9/1/2022: Sly – Super sturdy, super light.

Sometimes when I am out hiking, I need to sit down for a few minutes to catch my breath or rest after a big climb. I didn’t want anything big, bulky, or heavy to put in my small daypack. This little chair was the perfect answer. It’s just over a pound in weight but as sturdy as they come. I weigh 170# and can sit comfortably and securely on this little gem. The folded size is like a compact umbrella, but when the chair is opened and the legs extended, I am not cramped and can actually stretch out my legs. It’s very STURDY!!! I saw some reviews wherein the complaint was that the legs don’t retract after being extended….well, yes they do. While the seat is still spread open, the legs will not retract. You need only collapse the seat and gather the extended legs together, THEN push them back into the closed position. (That is a pretty simple fix.)

I don’t know how much I will use the carrying case. It’s basically a thin sleeve with a handle. Perhaps if I was keeping this in my car, I would use the cover. But kept in my daypack, there is no need for it.

This would be perfect for tail-gaiting parties, picnics, campfires, watching field games, etc. Even a toddler can carry this little chair with ease. It’s so convenient to have a small, sturdy seat when a larger, bulky one would be too much to carry. I would be a little hesitant (as a former back-country backpacker) that the weight would be too much to pack, but if you’re not going out for an extended trip, this would be perfect.

I’m happy with it. It is exactly what I needed. I think it’s a great value for the money.


Reviewed: 1/21/2023: Sam – Decent.

It is a good chair, but it has an extremely strong chemical smell