Cliq Camping Chair Bottle Sized Compact Lightweight Outdoor Backpacking Chair

Cliq Camping Chair Bottle Sized Compact Lightweight Outdoor Backpacking Chair

This chair has it all.  Rated up to 300lbs and small as a water bottle at just three and a half ounds you just can’t go wrong with Cliq lightweight camping chairs.  With is sturdy construction and 5 second assembly it can go anywhere you go without being a huge hassle.  Take it to the beach, the mountains, or just your back yard as a lawn chair.  You just can’t go wrong.  

The Cliq comes in eight different colors so you are sure to find the right color to fit your camping aesthetic.  Check our the over 6000 reviews to see just how great this chair really is.

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Cliq Bottle Sized Lightweight Backpacking And Camping Chair

  • Bottle sized outdoor chairs for anywhere
    The Cliq foldable chair is almost the size of your drink bottle, making them great folding chairs for outside, as you can take them anywhere conveniently.

  • Outdoor chair ready in 5 seconds
    Our outdoor chair is not only compact, but it can set up in five seconds. Our tip-proof foldable chair keeps you stable in all environments.

  • Built for anywhere
    Cliq’s foldable chair is super versatile and perfect for all outdoor adventures, or somewhere simple like your lawn. The lawn chair is an essential to add to your outdoor accessories.

  • Supportive chair
    Our lawn chair has been tested extensively and supports 300 pounds, while only weighing 3.5 pounds. With aircraft-grade aluminum, ripstop ballistic nylon and double seams, our chairs will last a lifetime.

  • Useful for anywhere
    Cliq’s foldable chair is not only just perfect for your lawn – these outdoor chairs are suitable for barbecues, picnics, beach days, backpacking trips, music festivals and concerts.

Reviewed: 10/14/2022: Caleb  – Perfect compact folding chair!

This chair is an absolute gem!! I have had this chair for over a year now and use it almost weekly at my kiddos various sporting events.

It’s compact size makes it so easy to store in the car and carry with me to the field. It has held up beautifully over this time and still looks brand new. It is so easy to unfold and put up which is a must for me and I can always count on it to be in the car since it’s so compact and stows easily.

My 4 year old absolutely loves lounging in it, but it’s also perfectly comfortable for me or my husband (who is 6’ and 250lbs) to sit in. I was initially worried about the sturdiness due to the size, but it has a wide base and has never left me feeling unsteady on even ground. Definitely recommend this chair for anyone who is on the go and likes a quick easy option for seating.


Reviewed: 11/12/2022: customer – Small and easy to carry

It’s great to keep in the car and easy to use with setting up. A little unstable to sit in better for a smaller person. My daughter absolutely loves it but for adults a little more challenging but a decent compromise considering how compact and convenient.


Reviewed: 12/04/2022: Gingerelly – This chair is absolutely worth every penny!

I love this chair. It’s compact and easy to unfold. No hassle with a bag! It is a comfortable chair that I can leave in my car for those “just in case” moments. It’s not clunky like a regular folding chair. Everyone around the campfire sat in it and I barely had a chance to enjoy my new chair. 🤣

Furthermore, the company is amazing! I contacted them and they responded quickly and so friendly! I am just amazed! Hard to find good service but they go above and beyond! Worth every penny spent!1