Boreeman Lightweight Folding Collapsible Camping Fishing Hiking Stool Load Capacity 400lbs

Boreeman Lightweight Folding Collapsible Camping Fishing Hiking Stool Load Capacity 400lbs

Product Dimensions: 3.87″D x 3.87″W x 17.72″H
Color: Black
Item Weight: 2.54 lbs
Maximum Weight Recommendation: 400 Pounds
Frame Material: Plastic
Seat Material Type: Plastic
Brand: Boreeman

The Boreeman lightweight folding collapsible stool has had numerous dynamic load tests up to 400lbs proving it is one of the strongest collapsible stools on the market. The self-open prevention mechanism is designed to prevent the foldable stool from opening by itself when it is closed. This makes it more convenient and easier to bring it along for outdoor activities. As you can rest assured it can handle anything or anyone, you put on it.

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Boreeman Lightweight Folding Collapsible Camping Fishing Hiking Stool Load Capacity 400lbs

  • FISH SCALE STRUCTURE & SPECIAL MATERIAL: Newly Designed Fish scale structure and modified plastic material gives the stool remarkable strength and rigidity. Load capacity reaches 400 lbs, far surpassing other brands. Side support is reinforced. The capacity of resistance to tilt is stronger than other brands. All these make the stool more sturdy and durable.

  • PORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT: This telescopic stool is only 2.54 pounds with a diameter of 9.84 inches/250mm. The adjustable strap makes the stool easy to carry in your hand or hang on your shoulder. Perfect for camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, picnic, and BBQs. It also can be used in the living room, bedroom, bathroom, etc.

  • ULTRA STABLE PERFORMANCE: Benefitting from the specially designed fish scale structure, scales interlamellar gap is further reduced to 0.1mm, making the stool body tighter (not loose) and more stable. Stool’s stretching and collapsing becomes easier and more smooth. Together with a non-slip base ensures safety and stability.

  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: The telescoping stool can be adjusted to the desired height ranging from 2.36 to 17.72 inches. 12 positions can be chosen according to your usage scenario.

  • REINFORCED WITH STIFFENERS: Stiffeners are set on the backside of fish scale sheets (inside of the stool body). When you look inside the stool through the slots on the stool body, you can see the crossover shape stiffeners, which make the stool sturdier.

Reviewed: 1/30/2023: Ree Ann – Very handy

I really like the portability of the stool. It’s easy to take out in the garden for weeding, fishing or an outdoor activity where you need a chair. The only thing I don’t like about it is that when it is fully collapse down it is hard to get re-opened. It is almost like it’s suctions together and it makes it really difficult to open back up. I also always test it before I sit on it because sometimes it doesn’t hold the spot that you want it to be in and falls back down.


Reviewed: 2/6/2023: Amazon Customer – Sturdiest Compact Stool Ever

I purchased 3 of these compact stools for myself and 2 adult daughters to take to a parade and we absolutely loved them. I weigh 250lbs and they totally handled me just perfect! I was able to fit all 3 in my backpack without a problem. I am going to buy 2 more for my grandkids because they ended up wanting to sit on them too versus the chairs we took for them. Great buy!


Reviewed: 2/0/2023: Berylla Moran – Great Stool Denied at Disneyland

This little stool is great. Im on the plus size and it was comfy. We tried to take it to Disney and was denied. Bummer. My little one also uses it to reach the sink as a standing stool. Great purchase.