Folding Camping Chairs

What To Look For In Folding Camp Chairs

When you are camping you need to save space and most likely it needs to fit inside one of your under the trailer storage compartment.  That is where a traditional chair just isn’t going to cut it. So a folding camp chair is the only way to go.  Folding camping chairs are compact and easy to store as well as easy to setup. Most chairs are not going to any longer than 5 seconds to setup.   So there really is no reason to go with a traditional chair are at all.

So what sets a good quality fold up camp chair from the rest?  We have put together a list of just what you should look for when it comes to your next purchase.

Signs Of A High Quality Folding Camp Chair


  • High Quality Materials
    No one wants to have their chair break on them the first time out because it was not a quality chair so it is important you take a look at what materials make up the product.  Look for works like high quality aluminum or airplane grade aluminum.  You can also look for works like double stitched seems and reinforced mesh.  Cheaper and lower quality chairs will skimp out on these type materials.

  • Weight Capacity

    Weight capacity isn’t everything but by simply just checking the weight limits on a chair you can get an idea of the quality of the chair.  The higher the weight limit the heavier duty and more durable the chair will be.  There is no way a cheap discount chair will hold 400lbs.  So make sure you check the rating for each chair you look as that is a quick and easy way to gauge the quality of the chair.

  • Features
    Every manufacturer likes to brag about the features of their product.  So as you do you research just take a look at which features each product offers in order to make sure the chair you choose has everything you would want.  Usually the more features the higher quality.

Now you know a few quick tips on how to find a quality folding camping chair without spending days and days.